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15 August 2011 @ 12:52 am
icons 09; it's not a question of can or can't  
I've actually signed up a couple of times for ff20in20, but lol never finished (wow what). YAY FOR FINISHING MY CLAIM THIS TIME.

20 Final Fantasy XIII (Hope Estheim) for ff20in20 round fourteen
+18 variations left behind
38 Total

for ff20in20
ff20in20 round fourteen: Final Fantasy XIII, Hope Estheim


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16 17 18 19 20

variations left behind

21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35
36 37 38

○ Inspiration HIT ME for this set, definitely
○ I LOVE LOVE HOPE, even though he gets all the hate in the fandom. I THINK HE'S THE MOST REALISTIC OF ALL THE CHARACTERS. Or maybe, more like it's easier to identify with him. |D I really wanted to claim him for this because of that lol, but when I took a look at the themes, I had realized that there aren't that many official images of him (like promo images/posters) so most of these are extracted screencaps from the game (thankfully I had screencapped the whole series lol but had to go through a million folders/images to find the good good ones that fit the themes). I ended up extracting most of the images (full size too, influenced by erinae lol) and used stock images as background from Getty Images |D fun fun.
01, numbers The theme calls for text, is the impression I got form looking at previous rounds using this theme. I hate HATE this icon so much, it was the last of the themes that I did because I just didn't have any good ideas. I actually originally thought of doing an icon that had Hope with another character, about to go into battle, charging forward, with the text "all for one, and one for all" but I just couldn't find any good images to carry out this idea with (and I wouldn't know what to do about the background since it would be the characters... in front of a beast thing lol).
02, hats I was dumbfouned when I saw this theme. Hope never wears a hat in the game, and none of the official images have him wearing a hat. I was gonna cheat a little bit and use an image of him wearing the cloak thing he wore during the purge but I thought it would be too plain and boring. I ended up getting a hat image from Getty Images and lol stuck it on him. I secretly think he would be a cowboy because of his bandanna lol. I like the result 8D but of course it went through trial and error especially with crops and making the hat look real.
03, grayscale Oh man, I tried so so hard to find an image of Hope making an epic face, (which he seems to do left and right in the game, only character with real emotions and notable facial expressions lol) and I finally ended up with an image of him looking fierce. I wanted to choose an image that would seem good... grayscale since I don't do grayscale icons.
04, hot I was originally planning on yet again using an image of Hope being fierce, but I felt the need to make it being literally hot by having him... lol being burned?! When I thought about this icon in my mind, it looked great but it didn't translate well when I went to photoshop.
05, monster I was confused with what to do with this theme. I was gonna use an image of Hope with Alexander but Alexander isn't even a monster so... yeah I used another fierce image. I added blood splats to... show that he's a monster?! A monster that sheds blood?! lol
06, mirror I love love this icon because I found images that would match so well with my idea, and it turned out pretty well! Nothing much to say besides that this took a long time and it was a lot of fun. 8D
07, stock image I was ecstatic when I saw this theme because it's become my new found love in icons |D I was torn with what icon to select for this theme, since most of my icons this round were using stock images lol. I really like this one's coloring, though so it got the spot.
08, contrast The contrast is the dark corner on the top left... and the rest is bright...?! lol went a bit loose for this theme. Loved how this one turned out. I had the idea that Hope would be looking at something beautiful or amazing, and I found an image of kites in a blue sky in my Getty Images folder, and thought it worked perfectly with this.
09, restful Hope is looking restful... at beautiful sites? Lol I I don't think there are any images of him sleeping (unless he's like, knocked out lol but that doesn't seem restful does it?). I interpreted restful as peaceful.
10, top I kept trying to do a top crop, but I gave up and ended up doing a bottom crop and flipped it |D. I really liked how this turned out, especially considering how low quality the image seemed every time I cropped it down. Really went out of the box for this one 8Db and I think it was a nice change of pace.
Set theme: typeface I really wasn't feeling this set theme because it requires the use of text, and not only that, but different typefaces (not fonts, but typefaces like serif, sans-serif, etc.) I used (in order) sans-serif, serif, blackletter, semi-serif, and script. I am loving what they ended up to be actually, besides 14 that looks like it jumped straight out of a Twilight poster. 12 is a quote from the scene; where Hope tells Lightning that Strategy Nora failed, and Light comforts him by saying she will protect him, and Hope replies with "If I am able to, I want to protect you, too." Cute scene C8 14 was a concept I had in mind since I got the themes, and it uses lyrics from the Danny Phantom theme song |D since I've been watching that this summer, reliving my childhood and these lyrics intrigued me every time ("a world unseen"). I am loving how it turned out, definitely my favorite from the bunch, and it is also the last one I made.
Artist Choice I went lazy with this, just went with random images with Hope being emotional, didn't try to match or anything (Why do people even make their AC set matching so much anyway? Never makes sense to me since they are supposed to be stand alone anyway? OH WELL) 16/17 only look similar because they're from the same scene, same lighting, and I made them around the same time (lol yes different PSDs). Favorite from the set would be 18.
○ Thank you so much for reading, I like to ramble.

○ ALSO, FORGOT TO MENTION, kikoshou at daisakusen really inspired me with their posts here and here! Beautiful iconist, really. 8)

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eternalkanda: ffxiii ~ pulse l'ciechromoplasted on August 15th, 2011 07:55 am (UTC)
These icons are freaking amazing; as always. Love Hope! Probably taking some, will definitely credit. Great job!
Jel: hope; a world unseencoloredpastels on August 15th, 2011 08:02 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! ♥ I love Hope too, so that's probably why these turned out desirable |D Thanks again. ;A;
eternalkanda: ffxiii ~ hopechromoplasted on August 15th, 2011 08:17 am (UTC)
No problem! I always love your icons ♥
the little hobbit ( o w o ): Twilight romanceerinae on August 15th, 2011 08:17 am (UTC)
full size extraction ftw <3 it's a wonderful habit that you're gonna learn 8)

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE.I LOVE HIM.even though I haven't played ff xiii,so idk what his character's like.I just think he's beautiful lmao.Grayscale & Top are my faves!

are you serious you don't need to match ac set???fffffff everybody does that so I thought it's how you do it T__T
Jel: hope; a world unseencoloredpastels on August 15th, 2011 08:32 am (UTC)
ODDLY ENOUGH, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it, and it doesn't bother me anymore |D in fact it makes me feel like I've worked harder. ♥ EXTRACTING THESE CG IMAGES WERE PAINFUL, his hair was the worst thing... I had to use my ~secret techniques~ to fix it lol.

I LOVE I LOVE HIM. lol well, that's ok. |D you should play so we can fangirl together!
WHAAAAAT grayscale is like one of the most unnatural ones lol after numbers and hot. But honestly I have a love-hate feel for that icon |D

LOL YES, they're supposed to be ~completely up to the maker~ so I guess most people like to make them matching because they're together in the voting table? I personally just make my AC set the leftover icons that I liked but don't fit any of the themes. NOW YOU DON'T NEED TO SLAVE AWAY FOR THAT FIVE |D

Also, thanks so much for reading my ramblings ;A; I went on and on about almost every icon!!
the little hobbit ( o w o ): Pretty lady by the window 8Ierinae on August 15th, 2011 08:50 am (UTC)
IKR.When I don't extract I don't feel like I'm iconing in PS at all.I even went & extract that image we're collaborating on rn cuz the wand tool missed so many details :U oh yah the hair definitely looks like a nightmare to extract,but you did well with your secret techniques!

lol I played a little bit of it once.It was beautiful<3 I don't play vg much except for the Square Enix games on my iphone cuz it's just more convenient :P


I love reading the iconmaker's notes :))
Jelcoloredpastels on August 15th, 2011 09:18 am (UTC)
OH MAN, how will I ever go back?! xD Oh and you're right, I just used those ~secrets I told you about before and... lol I think the whites got lost in the resize anyway so I just, disregarded it |D it was ;A; EVERY. TIME. Actually anyone's hair from FFXIII was a pain.

Only reason I played it! (and of course, my love for Hope and everyone's character designs) The game is a bit overrated but I think it's still worth at least one play through? At least to look at the amazing visuals? xD If ya ever get the chance to. 8) and honestly I don't play very many games either, I play the occasional JRPG, shooter, and arcade games like Sonic the Hedgehog lol.


♥ ;A; that means so much to me! Thanks again.

Katyaeriiths on August 15th, 2011 10:50 am (UTC)
Gorgeous as always! I am absolutely loving the typeface ones. I do love well-done text. :)
Jel: hope; a world unseencoloredpastels on August 15th, 2011 11:22 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! ♥ Glad you like them. 8)
tuma: 【キングダム ハーツ】hanakohikari on August 15th, 2011 11:02 am (UTC)
monster and top are my favorite! ♥
beautiful icons C":
Jel: hope; a world unseencoloredpastels on August 15th, 2011 11:22 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm fond of those two as well. 8)
Jonouchi-Kaiba-Mokiejou_kai_mokie on August 15th, 2011 11:57 am (UTC)
Lovely icons, and I'm so glad to see someone doing Hope. He is most certainly my favorite character in XIII.
Jel: hope; a world unseencoloredpastels on August 16th, 2011 05:04 am (UTC)
Thank you! Definitely glad I claimed him, since I haven't done many icons of him and there aren't many of him in general. My favorite as well! ♥
Lene: Suikoden » I believe the time has comevai_rin on August 15th, 2011 01:44 pm (UTC)
contrast and top are my favorite, but overall these are gorgeous!
Jel: vanille; feel morecoloredpastels on August 16th, 2011 05:05 am (UTC)
Thank you so much!
MaSho: Hope (FFXIII)juchi_kazunashi on August 15th, 2011 03:09 pm (UTC)
Took one Hope icon. Thanks! <3
Jel: vanille; feel morecoloredpastels on August 16th, 2011 05:05 am (UTC)
Thank you, and enjoy! ♥
Azurea: ✿ Cloud Aerithlazuli_reikou on August 15th, 2011 03:47 pm (UTC)
These are super pretty! ♥♥ I adore 6-10. Mirror is ingenious and Contrast is absolutely beautiful *A*
A++ use of stock images ;D
Jel: vanille; feel morecoloredpastels on August 16th, 2011 05:06 am (UTC)
AHHH Thank you so much! I was really inspired at the moment, so that probably helped 8Db
I love your icons so much, this means a lot to me coming from someone like you. ♥
いない: FFXIIIakumu_kurai on August 15th, 2011 09:09 pm (UTC)
THANK YOU, someone else who understands that Hope is human and realistic and amazing and doesn't deserve all the fandom hate. I love him so much. ;__; Lovely icons, love your coloring!
Jel: hope; a world unseencoloredpastels on August 16th, 2011 06:35 am (UTC)
YESSSS X INFINITY. ;A; loved him throughout the game, definitely the most character development as well.
Thank you so much!
miha_bara: Lighthopemiha_bara on August 16th, 2011 03:34 am (UTC)
Wow. your works are beautiful. love them. having hard time to choose one. ^_^;;
Jel: vanille; feel morecoloredpastels on August 16th, 2011 06:35 am (UTC)
Thank you! ♥
Ana: ♠ FF: Lightningeve_sparda on August 16th, 2011 08:44 am (UTC)
Really beautiful icons! Love Stock Image ♥
Jelcoloredpastels on August 16th, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! 8)
floatingxworld: Cactuarfloatingxworld on August 16th, 2011 11:28 am (UTC)
Your icons are all so, so gorgeous!~<3

Also, Hope was my favorite character in FFXIII... *sniffles* It's so sad he gets hated on!
Jel: hope; a world unseencoloredpastels on August 16th, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
;A; Thank you!

YES! 8( doesn't deserve it at all.
(Deleted comment)
Jel: vanille; feel morecoloredpastels on August 17th, 2011 11:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!

Yesssss wow glad I put this thought out there, glad I'm not the only one that thinks so.
(Deleted comment)
Jel: hope; escaping fatecoloredpastels on August 25th, 2011 09:20 pm (UTC)

FFXIII was also my first FF game and I was also surprised at how... hardcore the fans were? Not all of course. There just seemed to be an unaccounted amount of hate towards one character (and one who really doesn't deserve it if ya ask me).

Now I'm even happier that I put my opinion out on my post. 8)

(LOL yes! xD)
kk_terrakk_terra on August 21st, 2011 02:05 pm (UTC)
wow, thanks for these icons, I am grabbing a few of those thanks! It's nice to see that there's not only hatred but some love for Hope!!!
Jelcoloredpastels on August 21st, 2011 07:17 pm (UTC)
Thank you, glad you like them. 8) ♥ the post and comments are full of love for Hope! 8D
My Inner Sanctum: my inner sanctum mrs. frankensteinmy_innersanctum on August 23rd, 2011 06:13 am (UTC)
09, 25, 37 are my favorites. i don't do well with anime, so i appreciate iconners who do.
Jelcoloredpastels on August 29th, 2011 05:57 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Your comment means a lot. ♥
Peter Thomaspete_thomas on August 26th, 2011 02:40 pm (UTC)
Haha, the icons are beautiful, but I am a Hope-hater. And I don't think it's his fault either. I think Square-Enix rushed his story far to fast. He changes his views and mind so easily in the game it's a wonder he wasn't classified with bipolar or something.

I wanted to love him, I really did, and I had him all hyped up before the game came out, only to be increasingly disappointed. I'm only on Chapter 12 though, so maybe it will change in the last leg of the game here. We'll see. :)
Jel: hope; something profoundcoloredpastels on August 29th, 2011 06:00 pm (UTC)
Lol thanks for taking a look and liking them regardless! xD
I can see what ya mean; Hope was the only one that really had emotion there but lol... too much maybe? Like you said, mood swings like changing clothes. |D

Quite honestly, I do understand why people /don't like/ Hope, so lol I won't blame you if you don't change your mind at the end of the game.
Peter Thomaspete_thomas on August 29th, 2011 09:09 pm (UTC)
Haha, you mean you DON'T like the same two expressions that Snow has :D B|? Or Light's :| /Fang's :\ /Sazh's D8 one expression? Vanille is the only one who comes close, and even she's borderline uniemotion. :P

You're quite welcome, either way. :)
nameless_07: farron_sisters by menameless_07 on September 10th, 2011 01:26 pm (UTC)
these icons are amaziiiiiiing *A*
Jelcoloredpastels on September 12th, 2011 05:59 am (UTC)
Thank you!
rai_denrai_den on October 10th, 2011 10:24 pm (UTC)
I didn't take any of these but they're very nice! :D
Jel: aika; gracefullycoloredpastels on August 5th, 2012 04:06 am (UTC)
Thank you!